Músiques Sensibles matures with its sixth edition


Last Friday the 23rd of November the last concert of the sixth edition of Músiques Sensibles was held, which ended in a magnificent way with a Petit Palau full of fun and given to the performance of the London Community Gospel Choir.

This year, the cycle is already a solid and mature project, which for this autumn proposed 10 concerts: opened fire with Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés (October 18), to continue with an eclectic program but with the quality as a common denominator and names like Carmen Boza and Intana (November 9), Roger Mas and Joe Dolman (November 10), Gemma Humet and Alidé Sans (November 16), Xoel López (November 17), El Petit de Cal Eril (21 of November) and, finally, the London Community Gospel Choir (November 23).

This edition is sold with great success, starting from its very beginning. Both at the public level and at the level of the festival’s own history, since the inaugural concert, by Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés, took place in the great hall of the Palau de la Música Catalana and exhausted its localities days before the recital. It was not the only performance that exhausted its tickets, since the good news was repeated with Xoel López, and with the final party starring the London Community Gospel Choir.


Thus, we count three sold outs and a total employment percentage of 80%, no doubt due to artistic proposals that have been favored by the public. Once the party of the final of tour of the duo Arnal & Bagés was celebrated at the end of October, the bulk of the programming took place during the following three weeks of November, with doubles every weekend. Intana had the opportunity to bring her sensitivity for the first time to the Petit Palau, and Carmen Boza offered a genuine musical delicacy. The next concert was that of the voices: Roger Mas did a master demonstration of how to interpret his latest work, and the young Joe Dolman demonstrated with almost insolent impromptu talent because he is called to be one of the names that most will sound in the immediate future. The double concert of Gemma Humet and Alidé Sans was the contrast of personalities: Sans starred in an energetic and vindicating direct, while Humet provided the veil of her voice and poetics, dismissing her latest work brilliantly And well accompanied by special guests like Borja Penalba and Mireia Vives, Pau Alabajos, Cor in Crescendo or Estel Solé.

The Galician Xoel López definitely fulfilled the expectations of his fans, presenting his work Sueños y pan in acoustic format. The final stretch was started by the wonderful direct of El Petit de Cal Eril, with a staging as intimate as it was special based on captivating light lights, at the height of its triangular musical proposal. The London Community Gospel Choir’s concert only allowed to foretell optimism, but there were not enough adjectives to describe the power of this training. Virtuosity and energy to finish the sixth edition of Músiques Sensibles, which this year has begun and finished in an unbeatable way.


Músiques Sensibles is a production of TEM Productions. With the sponsorship of Estrella Damm, Hotel Condes de Barcelona, ​​Guitart Hotels and El Periódico. With the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya-Department of Culture, and the City Council of Barcelona. And the collaboration of the Palau de la Música Catalana, TR3SC, and RCM.