Concerts at Fòrum Romà

Empúries is one of the areas with greatest cultural interest of Catalonia with a beautiful natural setting. A space specially chosen with a long tradition of live music concerts, where the environment, art and music turn into authentic magical summer nights.

One of the most privileged stage of our history, gateway of Greek and Roman culture in the Iberian Peninsula. An exceptional site where the remains of a Greek city coexist with a Roman city remains.

Empúries. Concerts at the Fòrum Romà, is the name that intends to consolidate the summer musical proposal at the ruins of Empúries. In summer 2014, TEMProductions and the Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia – Empúries, organized two nights of concerts with the performances of the bands LOVE OF LESBIAN, BLAUMUT and CORIOLÀ.

This year, after the good response from the public in the last edition, we present the 2015 music programing.

Empúries - Concerts al Fòrum Romà - TEMproductions