ADRIÀ PUNTÍ :: 14.08.2015 :: 22.00 hores

Adrià Puntí, Josep Puntí or Puntí, it doesn’t really matter how we call him, is back, after many years, with “BAND BANG BANG”.
An alternative proposal, which breaks a ten year silence recording with which the public in Empuries Festival can enjoy new songs. With this show, Puntí gets his theatrical figure back, which will be the theme of a repertoire that also review and revisit the songs that have accompanied him throughout his career.

The musician has released this year the book INCOMPLETELY PUNTÍ, showing us the other side of the same coin through the unpublished work of his Father, presenting mute songs, drawings on the dark, broken drops or photographic sculptures. Poetry with and without inspiraton … a reflection of a measured period of silence.

Now brings us a sound poetic iconoclastic show – visual, where mute songs will become sounds, accompanied by the “The Fellaction on the Rocks Band bang bang” – the great soul- Rock Band bang bang.

The band “The Fellaction on the rocks Band Bang Bang” is formed by Lluís Costa on electric guitar and vocals, Pedrito Martinez on bass and contrabass, and Dani Pujol on drums, percussion and vocals. Renowned musicians who accompanied Adrià Puntí on his two first tours solo albums, “Pepalallarga and ..”La hora del patio” in the late nineties and early 2000s.

Adrià Puntí will release a new album this 2015. Before that, however, he wanted to present “Benvinguts al desastre” (Wellcome to disaster), an EP consisting of four songs with two unreleased tracks: “Esperit” and “La prova nouveau”, a new version of “Cor agre” and a christmas song appeared on the cd “Altres cançons de Nadal 5″. All this material will be part of “La clau que gira el taller” (the key that turns the workshop), the new album that the musician will present after a season of recording silence.

Adrià Puntí 1

CALEXICO + NÚRIA GRAHAM :: 15.08.2015 :: 21.30 hores


Calexico is a folk-indie group originates in Tucson (Arizona). Around 1996, the two leaders Joey Burns (vocals and guitar) and John Convertino (drums) began playing together before founding Calexico. They are characterized by incorporating into their sound a variety of music. Highlighting the folk of the southwestern US and northern Mexico combined with sounds of independent music. Calexico is considered one of the most amazing bands on the music scene.

For nearly two decades, with eight albums and countless trips around the world, Joey Burns and John Convertino have crossed musical barriers with his band, adopting many diverse styles, variety in instrumentation, and very specific sounds, house brand . Now with “Edge of the Sun” Burns and Convertino transgress this celestial division between light and darkness, taking inspiration from a trip to a place surprisingly unexplored by them before, and with friends and comrades who have helped them in this way .

“When I look back I see on this record the spirit of collaboration,” says Burns. “When we started working, we began to invite people, and came naturally, guests are always welcome, is in our DNA. John and I would always like to play with people, and improvise, yet are very careful with the needs of artists ”

Negotiating the boundaries and the spaces inside, and invite others within these limits: this would be the recipe for success Calexico.

The American band will bring their indie folk, next August 15 in the Roman Forum Empúries. His performance in Empúries is part of European tour to promote his latest album “Edge of the Sun”.



Nuria Graham presents his first album “Bird eyes”, a work that delves into his own compositional and interpretive framework involving songs flatly. She will be responsible for opening  the night of August 15th before the performance of Calexico.

It seems impossible to explain the work of an artist without filling the text of many references that focus the listener and, too often, they prepare to assimilate what is about to face (on the other side as little valuable, also too often, usually happens). None of this need or happen with Núria Graham. Not in the best of predictable stages, who already was enthralled in his public presentation at the Jazz Cava de Vic in February 2013, had seen it coming the artistic progression that Graham has developed in these two short years. You can not talk about references, agreed. But the good fans of the best pop of the last 40 years will access corners of his musical memory and identified with similar ease evolutionary resumes that have ended successfully exploiting and, often, have become benchmarks of modern music.

Fortunately, all that can be written about the first official record of Núria Graham it doesn’t really care. The music speaks for itself so much that it does not take very talkative to understand since the first listen, that is before something unusual, almost larger work. No temporary corsets, solid, classic pop Núria passes in a string of immaculate and modern, evocative themes such as landscapes you want to hear -contemplate? – again and again.

Addictive together. And, as every artist aims, unmistakable and genuine. ‘First Tracks’, the magnificent demo with which Núria Graham debuted last year, is so far behind that, right now, we wonder what her next step. While we wait, enjoy, here and now, the talent behind ‘Bird Eyes’. Pop uppercase.

Núria Graham

ANDREA MOTIS & JOAN CHAMORRO GROUP + Ferran Palau :: 22.08.2015 :: 22.00 hores

Andrea Motis y Joan Chamorro son considerados la revelación del jazz catalán. La primera vez que escuchas a Andrea Motis te quedas maravillado. Algunos de sus videos superan las 200.000 reproducciones en YouTube. Esta joven artista canta con una personalidad que no se veía en años, aunque también toca el saxo y la trompeta.

De ello tiene gran parte de responsabilidad su mentor Joan Chamorro. El trabajo que está haciendo este veterano del jazz catalán desde la Sant Andreu Jazz Band, la big band más joven de Europa, es sensacional. Su trayectoria como saxofonista (entre otros instrumentos) es tan brillante y dilatada que sería inútil intentar glosarla en estas breves líneas. Tete Montoliu, Slide Hampton, Bebo Valdés, Randy Brecker, The Manhattan Transfer, Stevie Wonder… El elenco de músicos con los que ha trabajado es impresionante.

Tras más de cinco años, la banda es considerada como la revelación del jazz catalán, habiéndose convertido en un referente musical, y ya han sido solicitados para tocar en los mejores clubes y festivales de jazz europeos. El pasado diciembre, Motis y Chamorro estrenaron un nuevo proyecto, Motis Chamorro Big Band, con la participación de Josep Traver (guitarra y otras cuerdas), Ignasi Terraza (piano) y Esteve Pi (batería).

Andrea Motis ( veu, saxos alt , soprà i trompeta)
Joan Chamorro (contrabaix, saxo baríton i tenor)
Ignasi Terraza (piano)
Josep Traver (guitarra)
Esteve Pí (batería)

Foto: Maud Sophie

Foto: Maud Sophie


Després del seu debut amb ‘L’aigua del rierol’ (2012), disc que el va posicionar entre el millor de l’any de revistes tan destacades com Rockdelux, Ferran Palau, més conegut com un dels líders del grup Anímic, presenta el seu segon treball discogràfic en solitari, ‘Santa Ferida’. El disc, ideat i gravat al llarg de dos anys juntament amb Jordi Matas (Seward) i l’ajuda final de la mítica AKG Spring Reverb cortesia de Joan Pons (El Petit de Cal Eril), s’ha re-començat i re-gravat fins a tres vegades per tal de trobar aquella màgia que mai no està absent en els discos d’aquest prolífic i exquisit artista. Encara que Palau no s’acabi d’allunyar de temàtiques que sempre l’han atret i inspirat com són la mort, la religió i la culpa, en aquest àlbum trobem una sensació més lleugera, on sobresurt una estètica i atmosfera estiuenca, de cançons que escoltaries amb la calidesa del sol i la brisa marina acariciant-te la pell. Ferran Palau lluita per fer-se comprendre a través de melodies noves i refrescants sense deixar de portar-nos a terrenys misteriosos als que ens té ja acostumats. Un disc replet de hits com l’enganxosa “La daga” o la ja clàssica “El meu lament”, i d’ecos de bandes com Talk Talk o Timber Timbre i de solistes com Cass McCombs o Damien Jurado.

Ferran Palau

TXARANGO + Germà Negre :: 23.08.2014 :: 22.00 hores


Txarango has been one of the great revelation of Catalan music in the last decade. With their first album, “Benvinguts al llarg viatge” and their seamless live concerts, the group was recognized by viewers, programmers and critics. His music has been playing in the main Catalan and seven more countries stages, reaching very large public, becoming the Catalan group with most international projection at the moment. More than 250 concerts in 12 countries and 3 continents demonstrate this fact, the 100,000 fans on facebook, or the 300,000 albums downloaded from its website. Recognized by many audience Awards and critics, and achieving goals leading the project to the Palau de la Música as last concert of the tour…and the creation of its own festival to present their second album, Clownia.

In 2014 Txarango returned through the front door with “Som Riu”, their second album, and “La Tempesta” a tour that have traveled through the Catalan countries, Europe and America. His energy and joy, are more intense than ever. His musical palette has also grown. The rich tones of reggae, dub and Latin already knew, now share space with bright colors of Mediterranean roots. Txarango wants to sing louder to hope, and spread the desire to live life and to strive to make the world a fairer place. During the summer of 2015, the concert in Empúries is one of the only ones held in Catalonia.

Line up
Joaquin Canales (Drums)
Marcel Lazara (singer and guitar)
Alghero Miquel (Singer)
Alex Hills (bassist)
Pablo Puig (Percussionist)
Jordi Barnola (Trumpet)
Sergi Carbonell (Piano)
Ivan Lopez (Saxophone)

Txarango 1


Germà Negre is the great revelation of Catalan music. Its commitment to a repertoire of festive folk songs, passed by the folk dance and lively reggae, has attracted public and programmers of all Catalan regions, and has been presented as one of the most versatile and transversal proposals today. Last season, without publishing any record, Germà Negre made some sixty performances in the Catalan Countries in major festivals such as Merce (PCA S.Jaume) and Grace (PCA Folk) in Gracia, Fires of Sant Narcis in Girona, Tarrega, Sabadell (Barrio de la Creu Alta), Les Franqueses del Valles, Vic, Salt, Caldes de Malavella, Sant Antoni de Vilamajor or Vidreres.

The quality of the band has also drawn the attention of festival programmers as Festival Strenes in Girona, Clownia of Sant Joan de las Abadesses Camping L’Jove, shoot, Sona Re Torrefarrera or the European Balloon Festival (inaugural concert Anòlia).

Therefore, Germà Negre has been nominated for the ARC Awards, which matches the live music industry, in the category of revelation group.

This 2015 Germà Negre present their first album. A job that is available for free download on the network and will be a compendium of the virtues that has exhibited the band in the 100 concerts offered with only two years career. A selection of all kinds of adaptations of traditional and popular songs, full of own arrangements and with a festive air and covers of recent authors, always faithful to the style of Germà Negre: perversion of lirycs and explosives arrangements.

Germà Negre 1